A phenomenological investigation of the integral and the differential versions of the $${\textit{Kimber}}$$ Kimber – $${\textit{Martin}}$$ Martin – $${\textit{Ryskin}}$$ Ryskin $${\textit{unintegrated}}$$ unintegrated parton distribution functions using two different constraints and the $${\textit{MMHT}}2014$$ MMHT 2014 $${\textit{PDF}}$$ PDF

N. Olanj, M. Modarres
2019 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
We previously investigated the compatibility of the $Kimber$-$Martin$-$Ryskin$ ($KMR$) $unintegrated$ parton distribution functions ($UPDF$) with the experimental data on the proton (longitudinal) structure functions ($PSF$ ($PLSF$)). Recently $Golec-Biernat$ and $Stasto$ ($GBS$) demonstrated that the differential version of $KMR$ prescription and the implementations of angular (strong) ordering ($AOC$ ($SOC$)) constraints, cause the negative-discontinuous $UPDF$ with the ordinary parton
more » ... inary parton distribution functions ($PDF$) as the input, which leads to a sizable effect on the calculation of $PSF$. In the present work, we use the new $MMHT2014$-$LO$-$PDF$ as the input and focus on the $UPDF$ behaviors as was raised by $GBS$. The resulting $PSF$ and $PLSF$ are compared with the $MSTW2008$-$LO$-$PDF$ and $MRST99$-$PDF$ and the 2014 data given by the $ZEUS$ and $H1$ collaborations. The calculated $PSF$ and $PLSF$ based on the integral prescription of the $KMR$-$UPDF$ with the $AOC$ and the ordinary $PDF$ as the input are reasonably consistent with the experimental data. Therefore, they are approximately independent to the $PDF$ (no need to impose cutoff on the $PDF$). At very small $x$ regions because of the excess of gluons in the $MMHT2014$-$LO$-$PDF$ and $MSTW2008$-$LO$-$PDF$, an increase in $PSF$ and $PLSF$ is achieved. Finally, according to the $GBS$ report the differential version by using the cutoff independent $PDF$ produces results far from the experimental data.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-019-7118-4 fatcat:q7zrirsvgfeanhhzbobthubx3y