Distribution of parameters of elliptic approximation of the human pupil

Marta A. Szmigiel, Henryk Kasprzak
The paper describes the results of measurements of the shape of the human eye pupil with the use of a high-speed CCD camera. Sequences of 2000 frames were recorded within 10 s. The examination was performed on a group of patients. For each patient, the age and intraocular pressure were identified. The form of the pupil was approximated by an ellipse and parameters of area, eccentricity, lengths of semi axes and orientation angle were calculated. Correlations between pairs of averaged parameters
more » ... averaged parameters for all measurements were analyzed. Distribution of averaged geometrical parameters of the pupil was examined for all measured pupils. Significant correlation was found between the age and the pupil area S. The average eccentricity ε of the pupil was 0.285 ± 0.083. There were no statistical differences between pupil eccentricities of both eyes. The average value of orientation angle α of the longer semi-axis a of the ellipse to horizon was 83.3°. Also the difference of orientation angle α for the left eye (85.2°) and the right eye (93.2°) was statistically insignificant.
doi:10.5277/oa150104 fatcat:hwdw7zruezhxfpzi3vaclnkzje