Progress On and Usage of the Open Source Flight Dynamics Model Software Library, JSBSim

Jon Berndt, Agostino De Marco
2009 AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference   unpublished
JSBSim is an open source software (OSS) flight dynamics model that can be incorporated into a larger flight simulation architecture (such as FlightGear, or OpenEaagles). It can also be run as a standalone batch application when linked with a stub routine. Since 2004, when JSBSim was formally introduced at the Modeling and Simulation Technology conference, many advances have taken place, and a variety of uses have been demonstrated. This paper will present updates on project status, an overview
more » ... tatus, an overview of XML configuration file format enhancements, details on recent improvements and design choices, and some basic examples of use. A discussion about interfacing JSBSim with Matlab as a Mex-Function or Simulink S-Function is included, followed by a deeper look at a representative usage case study. II. Overview of the Vehicle Configuration and Script File Format Changes JSBSim is a data driven simulation. How data driven? Below is the minimum code needed to run JSBSim: #include // Include the executive header int main(int argc, char **argv) { // Pass a script name via argv JSBSim::FGFDMExec FDMExec; // Instantiate the Executive bool result = true; // FDMExec.LoadScript(argv[1]); // Load a script while (result) result = FDMExec.Run();
doi:10.2514/6.2009-5699 fatcat:araia6wfive7xokmt3uo653vj4