Halophilic Bacteria: Diversity and Biotechnological Applications

Hypersaline environments are extreme habitats on the planet and have a diverse microbial population formed by halophilic microorganisms. They are considered to be actual or potential sources for discovery bioactive compounds, compatible solutes including novel and/or extraordinarily enzymes. To date, a number of bioactive compounds for the use in various fields of biotechnology which show assorted biological activities ranging from antioxidant, sunscreen and antibiotic actions have been
more » ... . In addition, some halophilic microorganisms are capable of producing massive amounts of compatible solutes that are useful as stabilizers for biomolecules or stress-protective agents. The present review will impart knowledge and discuss on diversity of halophilic bacteria and their use in various biotechnological applications, including industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental aspects. Culture dependent as well as culture independent methods for isolation of halophiles should go hand in hand to provide the insight mechanisms of halophilic adaptation and their future applications.
doi:10.34874/imist.prsm/reinnova-v4i15.33339 fatcat:5lhmyek5snduzhd6k63bqjk6eu