Main Research Trends in Advertising Communication in Modern Humanities

I. B. Ivanova
2019 Visnyk of Kharkiv State Academy of Culture  
Все выявленные явления анализируются с позиции коммуникативистики, теории аргументации и социолингвистики. Ключевые слова: рекламная коммуникация, рекламный дискурс, модель, рекламный текст, рекламное сообщение. I. Ivanova, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Assistant Professor, Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, Kharkiv MAIN RESEARCH TRENDS IN ADVERTISING COMMUNICATION IN MODERN HUMANITIES The relevance of the article is to study the algorithms of the influence of advertising communication on the
more » ... ommunication on the mass consciousness. The purpose of the article is to describe and analyze the models and mechanisms of advertising communication in the modern communication theory. It is elucidated that a creative message should be formulated accurately, as proper communication systems are a major factor in the effectiveness of the message. Research methodology. The author combines general scientific approaches, that are inductive and deductive as well as the method of interdisciplinary study. Results. The article deals with the content, scope and structure of the "advertising communication" concept. The article describes the basic theories on the meaning and characteristics of the investigated concept. The article describes the main models and types of advertising communication used in the modern Ukrainian-language advertising. The effectiveness of the study is determined by the fact that models, characteristics, mechanisms and peculiar features of terminology of advertising communication have been analyzed and presented in the scientific paradigm. Novelty. The evolution of the concept "advertising communication" is analyzed. The author suggests a new approach to the changes of the scientific paradigm related to the development of the theory of communication, as well as the changes in the semantic and formal, technological parts of the advertising message. Factors of formation of modern components of advertising communication are highlighted. The practical significance. The features of the advertising message design, its characteristics and components are considered. Special attention is paid to the formation of advertising messages, taking into account the main 15 characteristics of the process. The conclusions propose the definition of the "advertising communication" concept. The specific features of changes in verbal and non-verbal advertising, such as emergence of new technical possibilities, a change of socio-political realities are outlined. All the identified phenomena are analyzed from the position of communication studies, theory of reasoning, and sociolinguistics. Кeywords: advertising communication, advertising discourse, model, advertising text, advertising message. Постановка проблеми. Однією з визначальних характеристик, чинників ефективності, важливою складовою рекламного виробництва є усвідомлення механізмів впливу реклами на аудиторію -рекламної комунікації. Поняття «рекламна комунікація» системне, оскільки
doi:10.31516/2410-5333.056.19 fatcat:w2pc2vechrdrxffwaycowixe3u