A Study on Applying the Biopolymer (hydroxyethyl methylcellulose) to Prepare Quick Bread Rice Muffins
퀵 브레드 쌀 머핀 제조용 첨가물로써의 바이오폴리머(Hydroxyethyl Methylcellulose, HEMC) 활용성 검정

Joo-Hee Kim, Mi-Young Kang
2012 Korean Journal of Food and Cookery Science  
We examined the quality characteristics and conducted a sensory evaluation of muffins made with rice flour and the biopolymer hydroxyethyl methylcellulose (HEMC) to identify a new health functional food additive. First, overrun and foam stability of HEMC-HV (high viscosity) was better than HEMC-LV (low viscosity) to prepare muffins. Also the quality of rice muffins(volume, specific cake volume, and baking loss) was analyzed. There was no significant difference in the sensory evaluation of rice
more » ... evaluation of rice flour muffins containing foam mixture(egg white:HEMC-HV, 3:1, v/v) and muffin made from flour. The results showed that HEMC-HV was suitable for quick bread muffin-making using 100% rice flour.
doi:10.9724/kfcs.2012.28.4.423 fatcat:so6mdnyz3faf3lcqf6ds3of3ky