H. H. Hougardy, R. K. McFadden
1963 unpublished
This report contains the results of an analytic investigation of the Transverse Doppler Pattern Measurement Technique for determining the far field radiation characteristics of large antennas from near field measurements. The technique is based on using Doppler signalprocessing to obtain the information necessary for predicting the far field patterns of large antennas in their site environments. Primary emphasis has been placed on establishing a rigorous mathematical description of the
more » ... nt process from which system parameters and performance may be determined. Several mathematical models have been developed which differ both in the analytical approach and in the physical make-up of the measuring system. Mathematical approximations for the diffraction field of the aperture have been expanded in several coordinate frames. The signal processing systems investigated include multichannel processing, synthetic aperture processing, and directional and nondirectional sampling antennas. Attention has been given to linear arrays, rectangular arrays with separable and nonseparable distributions, circular apertures with circularly symmetric distribution, and arbitrarily shaped radiating apertures with large linear phase deviations. Two experimental procedures have been outlined for the purpose of verifying the feasibility of the analytical work.
doi:10.21236/ad0408271 fatcat:bqanlmcfqbcxjjx2mxw6kugoc4