Forms of Enslavement and Sources of Slavery in Feudal Dagestan

2018 Slavery Theory and Practice  
Basing on the data of literary and archival sources, documents of customary law of Dagestan peoples, act materials, and results of field expeditionary studies, taking into account the achievements in studying the problem by the researchers of the Caucasus of modern and contemporary times, using comparative analogies of similar forms of dependence of neighboring peoples in the North Caucasus, and without claiming to exhaustive treatment of the problem, the author of the article performs a
more » ... tive and historical analysis of the main forms of enslavement and the sources of slavery, which took place in Late Medieval Dagestan, cites various views and judgments existing in Caucasian studies on the causes and specifics of the expansion of mountainous societies of Dagestan and Georgia into adjacent territories.
doi:10.13187/slave.2018.1.49 fatcat:5v5gnew7hfbhbgh2qyhedblldy