New One-Pot Methods for Preparation of Cyclohexanecarbonitrile—Green Chemistry Metrics Evaluation for One-Pot and Similar Multi-Step Syntheses

Jan Simbera, Richard Sevcik, Pavel Pazdera
2014 Green and Sustainable Chemistry  
Three new multi-step one-pot processes for high-yielding cyclohexanecarbonitrile synthesis starting from cyclohexanone were developed for industrial application. In contrast to the current synthetic process, all of the processes described were designed to proceed completely in methanol as a uniform solvent and the key oxidation step can be realized either as stoichiometric or catalytic. Atom efficiency of processes is relatively advanced with high regioselectivity, reaction by-products are
more » ... y-products are either from environmental pool-carbon dioxide and nitrogen-or they can be reusedsodium chloride. Solvent-methanol-and other auxiliaries-cyclohexane, copper catalyst-can be reused after recycling as well. EcoScale for all three designed processes was evaluated and compared with current synthesis described in the past. Green chemistry metrics, including newly introduced evaluative tool-Sustainability Index of the Synthesis (SIS), were applied to evaluate design of described one-pot syntheses.
doi:10.4236/gsc.2014.42011 fatcat:s4bhno3uovakjph26iqxsbtosa