Modified pqsigRM: RM Code-based Signature Scheme

Yongwoo Lee, Wijik Lee, Young-Sik Kim, Jong-Seon No
2020 IEEE Access  
We present a novel code-based signature scheme called modified pqsigRM. This scheme is based on a modified Reed-Muller (RM) code, which reduces the signing complexity and key size compared with existing code-based signature schemes. In fact, it strengthens pqsigRM submitted to NIST for postquantum cryptography standardization. The proposed scheme has the advantage of the pqsigRM decoder and uses public codes that are more difficult to distinguish from random codes. We use pU, U 'V qcodes with
more » ... e high-dimensional hull to overcome the disadvantages of code-based schemes. The proposed decoder samples from coset elements with small Hamming weight for any given syndrome and efficiently finds such an element. Using a modified RM code, the proposed signature scheme resists various known attacks on RM-code-based cryptography. For 128 bits of classical security, the signature size is 4096 bits, and the public key size is less than 1 MB. INDEX TERMS Cryptography, digital signatures, error correction codes, post-quantum cryptography (PQC), Reed-Muller (RM) codes
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3026989 fatcat:ozlmqazvojeznh5zh3mwcny2aq