Ruzhdi Morina
2018 Europolity: Continuity and Change in European Governance  
Pension Funds are a novelty in the global arena and certainly an innovation in the newly established Kosovo pension system. After the 1999 conflict, first the international community and later the Kosovo authorities have undertaken state and institution building efforts in order to normalize all sectors of social and institutional life. To date, the Kosovo authorities have progressed in the process of the establishment of actual Pension Funds. However, they are still facing challenges in
more » ... hallenges in implementing the newly established legal framework, setting up the institutions, and establishing adequate processes related to the functioning of pension funds. In 2015, the Kosovo authorities signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union (EU) as the first step towards the still-distant prospect of EU membership. As such, the Kosovo authorities need to undertake comprehensive and deep reforms of its legal and intuitional framework. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the advantages, risks and challenges of integrating the EU DB and DC concept of Pension Funds in Kosovo as a part of its efforts towards EU integration. Through a comparative approach of the EU DB and DC concept of Pension Funds and the newly developed pension schemes in Kosovo, I aim to answer the question: is it possible to implement the very high standards for Pension Funds developed by EUROPOLITY, vol. 12, no. 1, 2018 48 Continuity and Change in European Governance the EU in post-conflict Kosovo as a part of its efforts towards EU integration? The main findings of the paper will show how the socio-economic and financial problems of post-conflict Kosovo impact the core of pension funds as envisaged in EU pension fund schemes and how the goal of EU integration impacts the development and implementation of pension funds in Kosovo.
doi:10.25019/europolity.2018.12.1.03 fatcat:yao3rmts7jhkdgoiod2hp34b4y