Part 29: Amendment 29-2: Color Vision, Near Vision, And Blood Pressure Requirements For Airmen

Part 29 currently establishes physical standards af the first, second, and third class. One of the first-class standards, which are currently required to be met @nly by applicants for airline transport pil&t ratings, is that the individual shall have nyrmal roler vision. Applicants required to meet the second-class standards are required t© have "normal fields of vision," which has been interpreted as requiring those applicants to nave normal col©r vision. Commercial pilots, flight-navigators,
more » ... flight-navigators, and flight engineers are currently required by Parts 20, 22, 34, and .35 te meet the second-class physical standards. The third-class physical standards, currently required by Parts 20, 22, and 33, respectively, to be met by student and private pilots, free balleon pilots, and flight radio operators, include no color vision requirements.
doi:10.21949/1515846 fatcat:iqhx3lo62fbcvddurhnwncyyxi