Gazetteer of hydrologic characteristics of streams in Massachusetts; Blackstone River basin [report]

1984 unpublished
The Blackstone River basin encompasses 335 square miles in south-central Massachusetts, including portions of Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Worcester Counties. Drainage areas, using the latest available 1:24,000 scale topographic maps, were computed for the first time for ungaged streams draining more than 3 square miles and were re-computed for data-collection sites. Stream{low characteristics at six gaging stations were calculated using a new data base with daily flow records through 1980.
more » ... These characteristics include annual and monthly flow statistics, duration of daily flow values, and the annual 7-day mean low flow at the 2-year and 10-year recurrence intervals. The 7-day, 10-year low-flow values are presented for 31 partial-record sites, and the procedures used to determine the hydrologic characteristics of the basin are summarized. Basin characteristics representing 14 commonly used indices to estimate various streamf!ows are presented for the six gaged streams. This gazetteer will aid in the planning and siting of water-resources related activities and will provide a common data base for governmental agencies and the engineering and planning communities.
doi:10.3133/wri844286 fatcat:bhdf3lm7jfd3bjowyd3fxom2rm