S Madhubala¹, R Nachammai², I Nandhini³, A Preethisha, J Paulin
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
The main aim of our project is to develop a system for remote monitoring and control of vital industrial parameters such as measurement of gas, speed, temperature, pressure, current and voltage for diagnosis, prevention of human fatalities, extension of life of machinery, automated range based access and two way control using green technology in a friendly and secure manner using internet and biometrics. The current scenario in industry envisages safety and automation hand in hand. This starts
more » ... hand. This starts with monitoring effectively, efficiently and constantly. Such systems in earlier models were done manually leading to errors resulting in loss of lives as well. The proposed model enables continuous monitoring of essential parameters along with storage. This enables automated decisions based on the ranges of the monitored parameters If the temperature exceeds its threshold then the cooling fan is automatically switched on, an alert is sent to the user and also in case of an explosion or fire or leakage of gas inside the unit, sends an automated alerts and emergency notifications to the fire rescue team, owner, in charge etc., along with location shown in Google maps. This also evacuates the personnel both inside and in nearby areas to reduce loss of life and equipment. on the server side it enables a biometric based access as a security measure to both access and control the parameters. solar power based remote monitoring and control of industrial parameters using IoT enables the user to control the parameters anywhere at anytime such that the system should be working continuously.