Adaptive anisotropic noise filtering for magnitude MR data

J. Sijbers, A.J. den Dekker, A. Van der Linden, M. Verhoye, D. Van Dyck
1999 Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
Conventional noise filtering schemes applied to magnitude magnetic resonance (MR) images tacitly assume Gauss distributed noise. Magnitude MR data, however, are Rice distributed. Not incorporating this knowledge leads inevitably to biased results, in particular when applying such filters in regions with low signal-to-noise ratio. In this work, we show how the Rice data probability distribution can be incorporated so as to construct a noise filter that is far less biased.
doi:10.1016/s0730-725x(99)00088-0 pmid:10610003 fatcat:xx6me53o4jekbib7ltcd4jqwrm