Programming and control of actuators from a hydraulic press for incremental precision forging

Sergio Tonini Button, JosÉ Yugo Yamaguchi Pellegrini
2015 Anais do Congresso de Iniciação Científica da Unicamp   unpublished
One of the methods used for metal forming is forging, a process in which the raw material is plastically deformed in generalized intermittent cycles. The main purpose of this project is the determination of a sequence of movements of hydraulic actuators used in a multidirectional press that allows obtaining forged products with complex geometry and low production of flash. To do this, a programming of logical control for the hydraulic circuit that performs a technique called incremental forging
more » ... incremental forging is being developed. Key words: metal forming, programmable logic controller, hydraulic system. ____________________ 1 PETROV, P.; PERFILOV, V.; PETROV, M. Development and research on near net shape forging technology of round part with flange made of aluminium alloy A95456. Department of AutoBody building and metal forging, Moscow, Russia, 2004. 2 BEHRENS, B.-A.; NICKEL, R.; MÜLLER, S. Flashless precision forging of a two-cylinder crankshaft.
doi:10.19146/pibic-2015-38047 fatcat:4weif2xqcvgena4sn3qc54b3d4