User Satisfaction and Preference for Activation of Ecological Playgrounds

In-Hoi Lee, Hyun-Kyung Kang, Seung-Jun Back
2018 Journal of people, plants, and environment  
This study was conducted to suggest more effective ways to create successful ecological playgrounds. For this study, current status of ecological playgrounds, users' satisfaction and preference were analyzed in July, 2016. A case study was done at Yangpyeong ecological playground, Umyeonsan ecological playground, and Gulponuri ecological playground. To detect current status, location suitability, naturality, eco-education playfulness, and rest・community were examined. Also, It examined users'
more » ... tisfaction by accessibility, rest・community facility and preference with programs. As a result, planting rate of native species compared to total species did not exceed maximum 45%. Distribution of educational guidance facilities compared to nature experience and play facilities was at least 62.5%. As a result of analyzing satisfaction and preferences on selected sites, users generally had above average level of satisfaction on a 5-point scale. By contrast, the satisfaction on rest facilities, including pergolas and benches was lower. So complementarity of rest and community was required. In case of preference about additional programs at ecological playgrounds, the average preference of taste focused programs was the lowest among programs focusing five senses. Hence, to boost participation and maximize effectiveness of ecological experience, more sensory educational programs should be considered, such as forest observation, smelling flowers focused on olfactory sense, and listening to sounds in forest focused on auditory sense. In additional facilities preference, users most wanted to supplement and add play rides, pergolas and benches. Users wanted to expand rest spaces and experience learning center on a similar level at every single selected site. This study focused on current status analysis of ecological playgrounds in the targeted places, satisfaction of users and preference survey. With ecological resource utilization program plans considering communities, corporations, and environment, it would be able to contribute to bigger creation effects.
doi:10.11628/ksppe.2018.21.1.037 fatcat:ihl7rycpfrhilbu32jj6tgsfzy