List of Publications of the Islamic Research and Training Institute

Management Center, Syed Abdul, Hamid Al Junid, Syed Anwar
1995 Islamic Economic Studies   unpublished
(1987), pp.111 The book presents the functions, activities and operations of Tabung Haji, a unique institution in the world, catering to the needs of Malaysian Muslims performing ajj. Price $ 10.00  INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS FROM ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE (1992), pp.286 M. A. Mannan, Monzer Kahf and Ausaf Ahmad (eds) An analytical framework is given in the book to work out basic principles, policies and prospects of international economic relations from an Islamic perspective. Price $ 10.00 
more » ... ve. Price $ 10.00  MANAGEMENT OF ZAKĀH IN MODERN MUSLIM SOCIETY (1989), pp.236 I. A. Imtiazi, M. A. Mannan, M. A. Niaz and A. H. Deria (eds) The book analyses how Zakāh could be managed in a modern Muslim society. Price $ 20.00  DEVELOPING A SYSTEM OF FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS (1990), pp.284 Muhammad Ariff and M.A. Mannan (eds) It gives an insight into the ways and means of floating viable Islamic financial instruments in order to pave the way for mobilization of financial resources. Price $ 20.00  MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT OF AWQĀF PROPERTIES (1987), pp.161 Hasmet Basar (ed.) An overview of the state of administration of Awqāf properties in OIC member countries. Price $ 10.00  EXTERNAL DEBT MANAGEMENT (1994), pp.742 Makhdoum H. Chaudhri (ed.) It examines the role of external borrowing in development. It also suggests how to improve the quality of information on external debt and how to evaluate the organizational procedures for debt management.