Emission and Absorption Entropy Generation in Semiconductors

K. Reck, A. Varpula, M. Prunnila, O. Hansen
While emission and absorption entropy generation is well known in black bodies, it has not previously been studied in semiconductors, even though semiconductors are widely used for solar light absorption in modern solar cells [1]. We present an analysis of the entropy generation in semiconductor materials due to emission and absorption of electromagnetic radiation. It is shown that the emission and absorption entropy generation reduces the fundamental limit on the efficiency of any
more » ... of any semiconductor solar cell even further than the Landsberg limit. The results are derived from purely thermodynamical considerations and are thus of general validity. A modified Landsberg efficiency and numerical results are given.
doi:10.4229/28theupvsec2013-1bo.9.4 fatcat:vxpr67wo3nd2rb5jrpqr44jbzu