Optimization of English Classroom Quality Evaluation Model with AHP

Shuang Yang, Muhammad Arif
2022 Security and Communication Networks  
This work takes English classroom quality as the research object. Improving the quality of English classrooms is not only an unavoidable requirement for the current curriculum reform's deepening and development, but also a necessary development trend of the evaluation system reform, and the call of the majority of classroom teaching position. The country invested financial, labor, and material resources, and students have also invested a lot of study time, but the English classroom effect is
more » ... satisfactory. The main issue is a lack of adequate evaluation of the teaching process as well as a scientific, fair, and practical technique for assessing classroom quality. This work combines AHP and BP networks to propose a method (AHP-IGA-BP) for evaluating the quality of English classrooms. The content of this work is as follows: (1) A hierarchical model and index system for English classroom quality evaluation based on AHP are constructed. Through the process of constructing a judgment matrix, single-level ranking, consistency check, and total-level ranking, the complete English classroom quality evaluation index weight is finally obtained, which realizes the transformation of subjective information into data with specific weight. (2) combine the original data with the aforementioned index weight data produced using AHP, as well as the neural network's learning and training samples. Build a BP network structure to effectively evaluate the quality of English classrooms. (3) The BP network is optimized based on the improved GA algorithm.
doi:10.1155/2022/2502377 fatcat:frc6fvq2pvcvrkason44xji6oa