Structure determination of the silver carboxylate dimer [Ag(O2C20H39)]2, silver arachidate, using powder X-ray diffraction methods

Peter W. Stephens, James A. Kaduk, Thomas N. Blanton, David R. Whitcomb, Scott T. Misture, Manju Rajeswaran
2012 Powder Diffraction  
High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction and density functional plane wave pseudopotential techniques have been used to obtain an optimized structural model of silver arachidate, [Ag(O 2 C(CH 2 ) 18 CH 3 ] 2 . The unit cell is triclinic, space group P-1 with cell dimensions of a = 4.1519(10) Å, b = 4.7055(10) Å, c = 53.555(4) Å, á = 89.473(15)˚, â = 87.617(5)˚, ã = 76.329(5)˚. The structure is characterized by an 8-membered ring dimer of Ag atoms and carboxyl groups joined by four-member Ag-O
more » ... four-member Ag-O rings with fully extended zigzag side chains, giving rise to one-dimensional chains along the b-axis.
doi:10.1017/s0885715612000309 fatcat:kb6pkhzbibha7exxlwgkxrxffm