Graded Delaunay Decoupling Method for Parallel Guaranteed Quality Planar Mesh Generation

Leonidas Linardakis, Nikos Chrisochoides
2008 SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing  
Parallel computing has made possible large scale simulations of physical phenomena. These simulations usually employ a finite element approach and they require the creation of large meshes with good quality. The core mesh refinement procedure is fast, but memory intensive, and in order to create efficiently a large mesh we have to utilize parallel machines. We present a method for creating large 2D graded Delaunay meshes on distributed memory machines. The method decouples the mesh generation
more » ... e mesh generation procedure on each subdomain, and thus eliminates the communication, while the final mesh is of guaranteed quality. This work extents previous results [24] , by allowing the element size to be governed by a sizing function, or a background grid, and so producing large graded meshes. The Delaunay decoupling method demonstrates high efficiency, billions of elements can be created in less than 2.5 minutes, and it is effective, using well tested and fine tuned sequential libraries.
doi:10.1137/060677276 fatcat:hu6qghthfbctjeqrm3vvftijqu