Natural Product Radiance Development of cow dung based herbal mosquito repellent

S Mandavgane, V Pattalwar, A Kalambe
The chemical based mosquito repellents available in the market contain some harmful and poisonous chemicals which are likely to cause threat to human health. An attempt has been made to prepare a 100% herbal product, based on traditional practices and rural wisdom. It is effective and cheaper than presently chemical based mosquito repellent. Since it is totally herbal, it has no side effects on inhalation or even on digestion. This paper deals with selection and optimization of ingredients,
more » ... of ingredients, their characteristics, medicinal properties and studies conducted about the comparison with the existing mosquito repellent. The cow dung is considered very sacred in Indian philosophy, it says that Gomay Vaste Laxmi i.e. Goddess of Wealth resides in cow dung. The efforts are made to study the traditional beliefs from scientific approach. The main aim of this product development is to provide employment to the rural youth and economic gains to farmers.