Creating different futures: How using arts and design-based inquiry supports business leaders in developing creative and innovative organisational culture, to thrive in a complex and rapidly changing business context [thesis]

Veronica M. Nolan
2022 the findings from this research will inform strategic planning and leadership praxis for business organisations; contribute to better understanding and appreciation of the value of Design Thinking and arts-based inquiry in business; and contribute to the conceptualisation of the role of Teaching Artists within a business organisational context. It is recommended that undertaking further study into the role of aesthetic literacy in business may support human-centric and holistic values in
more » ... ganisational life, improve team engagement in design and delivery of dynamic strategy, and help foster an innovative culture founded on principles of learning. Further research is also recommended into understanding how the approach is impacted by online and hybrid (a mix of online and in-person) delivery methods, how this alters the experience of participants, and how the framework may be evolved to include recommendations for practitioners around these design considerations.
doi:10.5204/thesis.eprints.228882 fatcat:fkrh4xbl6jcajacyuolhq35wyu