Mean Commute Time for Random Walks on Hierarchical Scale-Free Networks

Yilun Shang
2012 Internet Mathematics  
In recent years, there has been a surge of research interest in networks with scale-free topologies, partly due to the fact that they are prevalent in scientific research and real-life applications. In this paper, we study random-walk issues on a family of two-parameter scale-free networks, called (x, y)-flowers. These networks, which are constructed in a deterministic recursive fashion, display rich behaviors such as the small-world phenomenon and pseudofractal properties. We derive
more » ... e derive analytically the mean commute times for random walks on (x, y)-flowers and show that the mean commute times scale with the network size as a power-law function with exponent governed by both parameters x and y. We also determine the mean effective resistance and demonstrate that it changes sharply between different choices of x and y. Furthermore, we compare mean commute times for (x, y)-flowers with those for Erdős-Rényi random graphs. Our theoretical results are verified by numerical studies.
doi:10.1080/15427951.2012.685685 fatcat:qr7vfdd77rhfxlicgcsyh6mlcq