The hand force feedback: analysis and control of a haptic device for the human-hand

C.A. Avizzano, F. Bargagli, A. Frisoli, M. Bergamasco
SMC 2000 Conference Proceedings. 2000 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics. 'Cybernetics Evolving to Systems, Humans, Organizations, and their Complex Interactions' (Cat. No.00CH37166)  
The Hand Force Feedback System is an anthropomorphic haptic interface for the replication of the forces arising during grasping and fine manipulation operations. It is composed of four independent finger dorsal exoskeletons which wrap up four fingers of the human hand (the little finger is excluded). Each finger possesses three electrically actuated DOF placed in correspondence with the human finger flexion axes and a passive DOF allowing finger abduction movements. Each exoskeleton finger has
more » ... hree points of attachment to the operator's finger (two for the thumb) at the middle of the phalanges. Mechanical fixtures guarantee that just a force perpendicular to the finger and in its sagittal plane is exchanged at each point of attachment. Such force component is sensed and it is actively controlled in feedback. The present paper illustrates the design and testing of the controller for the thumb exoskeleton. First the mechanical system is analyzed and the features which influence the controller design, such as the presence of unidirectional tendon transmission, are modeled. Then haptic controllers, i.e. feedback controllers aiming at improving the performance of the device when used as haptic interface for Virtual Environments or Telemanipulation, are designed and tested experimentally. Finally the experimental results are discussed.
doi:10.1109/icsmc.2000.885979 dblp:conf/smc/AvizzanoBFB00 fatcat:4i5fylxzgnb5ffgoqpmlounx4y