Phase composition of cathodic deposits synthesized in flinak-k2taf7-kbf4 melt

O.V. Makarova, L.P. Polyakova, E.G. Polyakov, A.A. Shevyryov, A.V. Arakcheeva
2003 Journal of Mining and Metallurgy. Section B: Metallurgy  
The phase composition of cathodic deposits synthesized from FLINAK-K 2 TaF 7 -KBF 4 melt has been studied by the X-ray diffraction method. It is shown that boron content in the electrodeposit grows as the cathodic potential is increased from peak R 1 to peak R 4 in the voltammogram. The scheme of changes in the phase composition depending on the increasing current density is given as follows: {β-Ta + Ta 2 B}R 1 → {β-Ta + (Ta 3 B 4 + TaB)}R 2 → {TaB 2 }R 3 → {TaB 2 + B}R 4
doi:10.2298/jmmb0302261m fatcat:p6vjz2h53bcbjemnsjmrnbgfw4