Hepatitis C virus genotypes in Adana and Antakya regions of Turkey

Agah Bahadir Oztürk, Umit Bilge Doğan, Nevin Akçaer Oztürk, Gonca Ozyazici, Mehmet Demir, Mustafa Salih Akin, Ali Suha Böngöl
2014 Turkish Journal of Medical Sciences  
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 was found to be dominant in Turkey. In this study, HCV genotypes were examined in the Adana and Antakya regions of Turkey. The study consisted of 639 HCV-RNA-positive patients with chronic HCV infection in Adana (214 males and 101 females) and Antakya (139 males and 185 females) in Turkey. Real time-polymerase chain reaction was used for genotype determination. In Antakya, it was determined that the percentages of genotypes of type la (0.31%), 1b (86.73%), 2
more » ... ), 1b (86.73%), 2 (9.26%), 3 (0.93%), and 4 (2.78%) were compatible with the nationwide results seen in Turkey. In Adana, the percentages of genotypes of type 1a (3.49%), 1b (55.24%), 2 (14.60%), 3 (26.03%), and 4 (0.63%) were found to be different. This difference was mainly due to the infection rates in males: genotype 1b was significantly lower (42.5% versus 82.2%, P < 0.001) in men in Adana, but genotype 2 (17.8% versus 7.9%, P = 0.021) and genotype 3 (34.6% versus 7.9%, P < 0.001) were significantly higher in men than in women in Adana. Rates of genotypes 2 and 3 were unexpectedly high in Adana compared to other parts of Turkey.
pmid:25551939 fatcat:zqybtkv2xbgnlp3xungkf3ps6e