Bok Globules in the Large Magellanic Cloud

D. R. Garnett, J. R. Walsh, Y.-H. Chu, B. M. Lasker
1999 Astronomical Journal  
We report the discovery of small, isolated dust clouds in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which are excellent candidates for counterparts to the Bok globules observed in the Galaxy. We detect these small clouds silhoutted against diffuse H-alpha emission, based on parallel imaging with the WFPC-2 on HST. The clouds we identify as Bok globule candidates have typical sizes of approximately one arcsecond, corresponding to about 0.25 parsec linear diameter at the distance of the LMC. We derive lower
more » ... We derive lower limits to the optical depth within the dark clouds, and masses assuming that the clouds have density distributions similar to Galactic Bok globules. The sizes and estimated masses for LMC globules are comparable to those estimated for Galactic globules. An extend sample of such objects would be excellent targets for high-resolution infrared and millimeter observations to study low-mass star formation in such clouds in low-metallicity environments, and where the distance is well known.
doi:10.1086/300784 fatcat:2q7gkuqkwzh2vo5dtk2ygbkswe