A Study on Cultural Difference of Working Values of Chinese Managers and Filipino Managers: A Case of Philippine Company in China

Min Zheng, Hanjun Li, Bo Yin, Wenju Liu
2020 Open Journal of Social Sciences  
In recent years, more and more multinational enterprises participate in the rapid development of China's economy. Among them, Philippine enterprises have also begun to accelerate the pace of investment and factory building in China. The investment area also extends from the coast to the mainland. With the expansion of enterprise scale and the improvement of employee diversity, the cultural differences between China and Philippines in Philippine enterprises began to highlight, resulting in a
more » ... ous trend of cultural conflict. Human resource management based on cultural differences has gradually become the primary task that Philippine enterprises in China must deal with. Firstly, the study defines the basic concepts and reviews related literature. Secondly, the research starts to study the society formation, economic institution and history background of these two countries. Thirdly, the research discusses the internal cultural differences focusing on the working values and needs of employees from two different countries and suggests recommendations. Lastly, through the further research, the study determines the most important culture conflict issues occur in Philippine Company in China and suggests measures to resolve culture conflicts. From the perspective of cultural core, the research is aimed to compare and contrast characteristics and working values of Chinese managers and Filipino managers using Hofstede's cultural five-dimensional theory. Questionnaire and case analysis methods are adopted in the research.
doi:10.4236/jss.2020.86036 fatcat:c32ih53crzfrtm6i7vprxwmsy4