The Design Space of Type Checkers for XML Transformation Languages

Anders Møller, Michael I. Schwartzbach
2004 BRICS Report Series  
We survey work on statically type checking XML transformations, covering a wide range of notations and ambitions. The concept of type may vary from idealizations of DTD to full-blown XML Schema or even more expressive formalisms. The notion of transformation may vary from clean and simple transductions to domain-specific languages or integration of XML in general-purpose programming languages. Type annotations can be either explicit or implicit, and type checking ranges from exact decidability
more » ... o pragmatic approximations.<br /> <br />We characterize and evaluate existing tools in this design space, including a recent result of the authors providing practical type checking of full unannotated XSLT 1.0 stylesheets given general DTDs that describe the input and output languages.
doi:10.7146/brics.v11i34.21859 fatcat:qlkguyv3lje4xox7jpcchlhjge