ParaDiS-FEM dislocation dynamics simulation code primer [report]

M Tang, G Hommes, S Aubry, A Arsenlis
2011 unpublished
The ParaDiS code is developed to study bulk systems with periodic boundary conditions. When we try to perform discrete dislocation dynamics simulations for finite systems such as thin films or cylinders, the ParaDiS code must be extended. First, dislocations need to be contained inside the finite simulation box; Second, dislocations inside the finite box experience image stresses due to the free surfaces. We have developed in-house FEM subroutines to couple with the ParaDiS code to deal with
more » ... e surface related issues in the dislocation dynamics simulations. This primer explains how the coupled code was developed, the main changes from the ParaDiS code, and the functions of the new FEM subroutines.
doi:10.2172/1037843 fatcat:lmr25vmhb5hw3dqzrup64ppmae