HQET parameters at the 1/m order with nf=2 flavors of dynamical quarks

Benoit Blossier, B. Blossier
2011 Proceedings of The XXVIII International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory — PoS(Lattice 2010)   unpublished
We report on the status of an ALPHA Collaboration project to extract quantities for B physics phenomenology from N f = 2 lattice simulations. The framework is Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) expanded up to the first order of the inverse b-quark mass. The couplings of the effective theory are determined by imposing matching conditions of observables computed in HQET with their counterpart computed in QCD. That program, based on N f = 2 simulations in a small physical volume with Schrödinger
more » ... unctional boundary conditions, is now almost finished. On the other side the analysis of configurations selected from the CLS ensembles, in order to measure HQET hadronic matrix elements, has just started recently so that only results obtained at a single lattice spacing, a = 0.07 fm, will be discussed. We give our first results for the b-quark mass and for the B meson decay constant.
doi:10.22323/1.105.0308 fatcat:6dzed6rbqvctfdadiusb6imu7e