Kondo Insulator:p-wave Bose Condensate of Excitons

Ji-Min Duan, Daniel P. Arovas, L. J. Sham
1997 Physical Review Letters  
In the Anderson lattice model for a mixed-valent system, the d-f hybridization can possess a p-wave symmetry. The strongly-correlated insulating phase in the mean-field approximation is shown to be a p-wave Bose condensate of excitons with a spontaneous lattice deformation. We study the equilibrium and linear response properties across the insulator-metal transition. Our theory supports the empirical correlation between the lattice deformation and the magnetic susceptibility and predicts
more » ... ble ultrasonic and high-frequency phonon behavior in mixed-valent semiconductors.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.79.2097 fatcat:k4bohy2b7jd3dhxeb575ivb7pa