Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Diet in the Cape Cormorant off Southern Africa

David Cameron Duffy, Rory Paul Wilson, Marie Pierre Wilson
1987 The Condor  
Diets of Cape Cormorant (Phalacrocorux cupensis) were sampled from 198 1 to 1985, between Mercury (25"43' S) and Dyer (3441' S) islands of the Benguela upwelling ecosystem off Namibia and South Africa. Over 99% of identifiable prey items were pelagic fish: cape anchovy (Engraulis japonicus capensis), 46%; pelagic goby (Suflogobius bibarbatus), 34%; and maasbanker (Truchurus truchurus), 14%. Daily, monthly, and regional variation in diet was three to four times that of annual variation,
more » ... variation, suggesting that environmental variability in the Benguela ecosystem is greatest at time intervals shorter than 1 year and that caution is necessary when inferring diets of Cape Cormorants from limited sampling.
doi:10.2307/1368531 fatcat:vxvvhpvswzewdlmlmxuiq2grda