Determination of Power and Kinematic Wheel Parameters when Rolling against a Drum

T A Balabina, D S Simonov, V R Rogov, A N Mamaev, A S Vorontsov
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
Car tire tests, including rolling resistance tests, are often performed on drum stands. Car tests on drum stands of various designs are also becoming more widespread: with a different number of drums, their locations and types of drives. However, in the literature there are no works describing the process of interaction of the wheel with the drum. In this regard, there is a need to consider the mechanics of the interaction of an elastic wheel with a drum and determine its kinematic and power
more » ... ematic and power characteristics, which is the task of this study. The mechanics of rolling the wheel against the drum is considered, taking into account the frictional interaction of the pair "elastic wheel -rigid drum" using the theory of preliminary displacement of the wheel elements in the zone of contact with the drum. This made it possible, inter alia, to obtain relationships for determining the rolling resistance caused by hysteresis losses in the wheel material, the tangential force acting in the contact, the moment on the wheel, the power of friction losses in the contact, the coordinates of the boundary of the adhesion and sliding sections in the contact of the wheel with the drum, relative loss of speed (slippage) of the wheel. The interaction of the wheel with two drums is also considered.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/832/1/012077 fatcat:bgmgke6pqres7a73rlvnwujx2a