The tin ore separation process and optimizing the rare earth mineral (monazite) as a by-product of tin mining in East Belitung Regency

R N Adiputra, F Agustin, A Sulastri, C I Abdullah, I Nugraha, R Andriansyah, M Hadiprayitno
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Characteristics of granitic igneous rocks as a source of tin mineralization in the study area are generally ilmenite granite series or commonly called Granitic S type. The occurrence of rare earth elements is relatively common in the earth's crust. Based on its chemical properties, the occurrence of REEs (Rare Earth Element) is rarely scattered and not concentrated in one place, so it is often stated that it is not economical to be mined. However some rare earth mineral deposits such as
more » ... its such as monazite can be processed economically. Rare earth element like monazite is discovered as by-product from mining process and extracting tin mineral. The purpose of this study is to examine the separation process of tin ore that could affect the grades of tin ore produced. The highest grade of pure tin obtained rare earth element and will be optimal to the ore extraction. The methods of concentrating monazite use wet processing followed by dry concentration techniques, then extraction and refining are required. This method was observed during the study. The result showed that extraction involved sulphuric acid routes and the acidic route is the most common, dominating at least 90% of the current extraction methods.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/413/1/012004 fatcat:26jbea7qfrestirwk26pepgyym