Comparative Effect of Repeated Ingestion of Difructose Anhydride III and Palatinose on the Induction of Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Humans

Akiko TAMURA, Takuya SHIOMI, Noriko TAMAKI, Norihiro SHIGEMATSU, Fusao TOMITA, Hiroshi HARA
2004 Bioscience, biotechnology and biochemistry  
We evaluated the safety and change in fermentability from repeated ingestion of difructose anhydride III (DFAIII) in humans. A randomized controlled singleblind crossover study with thirteen subjects was conducted. Each subject ingested 5 g of DFAIII or palatinose daily for 12 days, before and after which the subject was loaded with 10 g of DFAIII and had breath hydrogen measured from 0 to 9 h (DL test) to evaluate the fermentability of DFAIII. The defecation frequency and abdominal symptom
more » ... dominal symptom score were the same between each ingestion period. Moreover, DFAIII ingestion had no influence on blood test results. Only the breath hydrogen excretion in post-DFAIII ingestion was slightly higher at h 8 than the pre-ingestion. Consequently, repeated ingestion of DFAIII for 12 days was as safe as palatinose ingestion, especially with respect to abdominal symptoms and blood test results, and its high resistance to enterobacterial fermentation in humans was not impaired.
doi:10.1271/bbb.68.1882 pmid:15388963 fatcat:ysg3xzvtjvhl7iw7zfa3izdbl4