A case of body temperature recovery using hemodialysis for accidental hypothermia patients with chronic renal failure
慢性腎不全患者の偶発性低体温に対して 血液透析を用いて復温した1症例

Narufumi FUKUSHIMA, Satoshi ISEKI, Mitsuha NAGATA, Tetsuzou FUJIWARA, Naoto WATANABE, Kyouko ADACHI, Katsuhiko SUGIHARA, Yuta FUKUMA, Emi MIYAZATO, Shinji NISHIKORI, Hideki YAMANAKA, Yoshihisa FUJII
2018 Medical Journal of Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital  
Abstract:A 52-year-old female case. A Patient with chronic nephropathy due to diabetic nephropathy was taken to our hospital by ambulance because of hypothermia and consciousness disturbance. Body temperature was 25.3 ℃, systolic blood pressure was 70 mmHg, diastolic blood pressure was 40 mmHg, sinus bradycardia with a heart rate of 40 beats/minute, and J wave in the electrocardiogram were observed at the time of visit. UN: 121.6 mg/dl, Cr: 13.2 mg/dl, due to uremia caused by acute exacerbation
more » ... of chronic renal failure, it was diagnosed as having difficulty in body movement, hypothermia. It was necessary to remove uremic toxin and recover temperature at the same time, and it was possible to recover efficiently using hemodialysis.
doi:10.34345/spch.42.0_25 fatcat:pf4ox4pmgbhzrla6hqxefgrnpy