The Median Latent Periods for Three Isolates of Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Aphid Vectors

L. J. van der Broek
1980 Phytopathology  
VAN DER BROEK, L. J., and C. C. GILL. 1980. The median latent periods for three isolates of barley yellow dwarf virus in aphid vectors. Phytopathology 70:644-646. The median latent periods (LP 50) were determined for three isolates of Rhopalosiphum padi with R. padi-specific isolate 6524 the values were 50.1 barley yellow dwarf virus in their specific vector or most efficient vector at hr and 35.0 hr, and for R. padi with R. padi nonspecific isolate 7410 the two temperatures. The latent period
more » ... The latent period per aphid was defined as the time lapse values were 62.4 and 35.2 hr, respectively. A decrease equivalent to 50% in from the start of the acquisition feeding period to the middle of the the median latent periods for a 10 C increase in temperature was found with inoculation day during which transmission of an infectious dose of virus the two aphid-specific isolates, but the decrease was more than 50% with first occurred. At 15 C and 20 C, the median latent periods for Sitobion the R. padi-nonspecific isolate. avenae with S. avenae-specific isolate 6407 were 65.5 hr and 44.5 hr, for
doi:10.1094/phyto-70-644 fatcat:pxa7tp7tfvbzrj33q7jdgizdo4