Supramolecular Self-assemblies of Cucurbit[7,8]uril with Certain 1,n-Alkylene-bismethylpyridinum Dibromide

Xin Xiao, Mingqiang Wu, Saifeng Xue, Qianjiang Zhu, Jianxin Zhang, Zhu Tao
2012 Youji huaxue  
Four 1,n-alkylene-di-2-methylpyridinium dibromide (n=6, 8, 10, 12) guests were synthesized and characterized, and the host-guest interactions between cucurbit[7 or 8]urils with these guests were also investigated by using 1 H NMR technique, thermogravimetry analysis and UV-Vis measurement in details. The experimental results revealed that it was different in the interaction models of the formed host-guest inclusion complexes between the cucurbit[7]uril with the four guests and the
more » ... d the cucurbit[8]uril with the four guests. The cucurbit[7]uril preferred to thread on the linear guests and formed pseudorotaxane-like or "dumbbell"-like inclusion complexes, while the cucurbit[8]uril preferred to included whole body of a guest in a fold manner due to having a larger cavity.
doi:10.6023/cjoc1104223 fatcat:4727ddlm4zf5jdao56vkxcutdi