Advanced Experience of Music through 5G Technologies

Adriano Baratè, Goffredo Haus, Luca A. Ludovico
2018 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
This paper focuses on new models to enjoy music that will be implementable in a near future thanks to 5G technology. In the last two decades, our research mainly focused on the comprehensive description of music information, where multiple aspects are integrated to provide the user with an advanced multi-layer environment to experience music content. In recent times, the advancements in network technologies allowed a web implementation of this approach through W3C-compliant languages. The last
more » ... bstacle to the use of personal devices is currently posed by the characteristics of mobile networks, concerning bandwidth, reliability, and the density of devices in an area. Designed to meet the requirements of future technological challenges, such as the Internet of Things and self-driving vehicles, the advent of 5G networks will solve these problems, thus paving the way also for new music-oriented applications. The possibilities described in this work range from bringing archive materials and music cultural heritage to a new life to the implementation of immersive environments for live-show remote experience.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/364/1/012021 fatcat:ukzbcukb5zcxngsctjwha3vhiy