Theoretical Research on the Time Delay and Corresponding Issues for the Novel Category of Internet of Things Control System

Yucheng Zhang, Guoyong Liu, Luming Tan
2016 International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking  
In this paper, we theoretically and numerically analyze the time delay and corresponding issues for the novel category of Internet of things control system. At present, the Internet of things technology progress and mature, people also gradually combine control system and Internet connection and make them to give full play to their strengths. Internet of things has great innovation in goods intelligent network, and the general Internet of things in the motion control system has a great
more » ... nt space, the future of control system is applied to the large number of the wireless fieldbus and sensor networks. To overcome the severe issues of the IOT system denoted as the time delay, we conduct research from following perspectives. (1) The control system modelling and analysis. Compared in the actual control system in an event-driven clock driver has many advantages such as when the controller equipment or setting of event-driven actuators equipment. (2) The time delay analysis with mathematical modelling. Due to the signal delay, controller cannot receive timely feedback information of the object which will seriously affect the dynamic performance of the remote control system. Complex math model is proposed to deal with the issues. In the final part, we numerically simulation the proposed model and theory compared with other famous methods, the result indicates that the proposed method obtain better performance and feasibility. 2 Copyright ⓒ 2016 SERSC system, it is vulnerable to hackers, security problem such as the disclosure. Therefore, under the primary environment of Internet of things, the concept of security control has obtained specific attention and focus [7] . The organization and the structure of the Internet of things system could be shown in the follows. (1) The perception layer at the bottom of the Internet of things system, identification chips, sensors, electronic chips and intelligent system is made up of a perception layer is the most basic parts. In the Internet of things of the mentioned in real deployment appropriate perception and recognition ability, processing ability and ability to execute the sensors, but in the present academic research, most scholars including some users think perception layer only have simple identification of physics and role of the perception of the existence of some objects around. (2) Network layer in the Internet of things have the effect of information transmission, the layer is mainly used for the data transfer between perception layer and application layer and it is a bridge connecting the perception layer and application layer. Through the network layer, layer perception can receive and transmit data of application layer. The online network layer mainly includes the wireless network, communication network, local area network and mobile Internet network. The network layer is mainly used for making data can be in different type of network to send and receive from each other. The network layer can be to realize information management, the information statistics and data processing. (3) The perception layer and network layer, the Internet of things basically can achieve the variety of practical application. In the following figure, we demonstrate the popular applications [8] [9] [10] [11] . 3 space, the future of control system is applied to the large number of the wireless fieldbus and sensor networks. In our country, the Internet of things will be widely used in all walks of life. Internet network layer, which make use of the current existing communication deployed network on perception layer collected information transmission, due to network layer commonly used traditional network transmission process of information transmission, so the relative perception layer, network layer has a strong ability of reliable and secure information transmission [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] . Due to the IOT's perception of the node number is numerous, mass nodes to collect information during transmission is easy to produce large amounts of information which can lead to network congestion, the network attacker can use this feature a denial of service attacks in the network layer, aiming at the network layer of the Internet security attack method is also suitable for the Internet of things, so the use of any single security protocols may not meet safety requirements of IOT system. The application layer is to be transmitted from perception layer information analysis and processing, and then to integrate relevant after processing the information feedback to the user control or related items, is the Internet of things system control layer and decision-makers. Because most of the Internet of things application system in the heterogeneous nature of the different application domains. The Internet of things, especially in the sensor network node can dynamically and frequently to join or leave the network which don't need to advance notice, don't interrupt the communication between the other nodes. Can nodes in a network of the high-speed mobile and envoys point group of rapid change, the link between nodes on off changes frequently. These characteristics on the use of sensor network which has cause the Internet of things or is sensor network has the following features. (1) The numbers of the sensor network data. Sensor network is one of the fattest nations in the Internet of the information acquisition device or equipment. Due to its characteristics, the general is regular, fixed point, quantitative data transmission and finish at the next higher level node [20] . (2) The Internet of things network have some general request for the security of data. This is because the Internet of things at work usually few people involved, totally dependent on network automatic data collection and transmission, storage, data, data analysis and report the result and should take some measures. (3) Network topology changes quickly. This is because the sensor networks need to collect information of environment, work independently because of the large number sensor, design of expectations of long service life and the simple structure. (4) Sensor network is difficult to form a network node and center. Sensor network design and operation of different from other traditional wireless network, its basic does not have the fixed at the center of the entity. In the standard of cellular wireless networks, it is accomplished by the central entity coordination function and the sensor network must be accomplished by distribution algorithm [21] . (5) Low correlation between the network terminals with very little for information transmission between nodes independence of the larger between terminals and work sensing and control of the Internet of things terminal equipment or at the next higher level node transmit information [22] [23] [24] [25] . Network control system is developed in recent years, the new technology in the field of automatic control, computer network, communication and automatic control technology of combination of product. It can carry on data transmission between systems, for the users of the different locations to realize resources sharing and assist cooperation. Networked control systems to reduce the wiring of the system which make the system of fault diagnosis becomes simple and increase the flexibility of the system. Due to the introduction of the closed loop feedback system of communication network makes the network performance analysis of the control system is complicated and difficult. Sharing network inevitably the introduction of network time delay, in most cases they are incident or random [26] . Network induced time delay will affect the performance of the system, damage the system stability. So the analysis of the network induced delay and compensation will be key problems of networked control systems. Time delay and the 4 Copyright ⓒ 2016 SERSC controller to the actuator of time delay is caused by data transmission on the Internet, so they are affected by the amount of data in network, the number of nodes and adopted by the general media access control mechanism, the influence of such factors as a timevarying. The calculation time delay from the previous two kinds of time delay controller. Both in numerical and change are very small. In the following figure, we show the transmission of the IOT control and delay. In this research paper, we conduct research on the time delay and corresponding issues for the novel category of Internet of things control system. The IOT wireless communication includes wireless network, short distance wireless communication and mobile communication network. In the Internet of things application scenario, the sensor data acquisition device with low power consumption, such as no center features short distance wireless communication technology in real-time information sharing. Interconnection between wireless sensors networks is mainly used in sensors, realize the local scope of small things, and then through the gateway specific equipment such as access to the Internet or wan which become a worthy of the name. Network control system is a communication network and the control system and the integration of the distributed control system able to signal processing, optimization decision-making and remote control. According to different types of network, the network control system can be divided into two categories and the first category is based on cable network cable network control system: the general class of the wireless network control system based on wireless network. Our research analyzed the characteristics of the system control and the corresponding time delay features. The result proves the effectiveness and the feasibility of the designed model.
doi:10.14257/ijfgcn.2016.9.10.01 fatcat:xkykjy5f5vaohchbtfrizktgrq