Survivability-Enhanced Virtual Network Embedding Strategy in Virtualized Wireless Sensor Networks

Dapeng Wu, Zhenli Liu, Zhigang Yang, Puning Zhang, Ruyan Wang, Xinqiang Ma
2020 Sensors  
With the widespread application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), WSN virtualization technology has received extensive attention. A key challenge in WSN virtualization is the survivable virtual network embedding (SVNE) problem which efficiently maps a virtual network on a WSN accounting for possible substrate failures. Aiming at the lack of survivability research towards physical sensor node failure in the virtualized sensor network, the SVNE problem is mathematically modeled as a mixed
more » ... r programming problem considering resource constraints. A heuristic algorithm—node reliability-aware backup survivable embedding algorithm (NCS)—is further put forward to solve this problem. Firstly, a node reliability-aware embedding method is presented for initial embedding. The resource reliability of underlying physical sensor nodes is evaluated and the nodes with higher reliability are selected as mapping nodes. Secondly, a fault recovery mechanism based on resource reservation is proposed. The critical virtual sensor nodes are recognized and their embedded physical sensor nodes are further backed up. When the virtual sensor network (VSN) fails caused by the failure physical node, the operation of the VSN is restored by backup switching. Finally, the experimental results show that the strategy put forward in this paper can effectively guarantee the survivability of the VSN, reduce the failure penalty caused by the physical sensor nodes failure, and improve the long-term operating income of infrastructure provider.
doi:10.3390/s21010218 pmid:33396380 fatcat:gdbefywjureopc46oogcepvudi