1975 unpublished
EUSTIS DIRECTO'RATg POS~ITION STATWlENT Current Army aircraft do not pr wide crashworthy gunner meats or adequate restraint systems for gunners operating pintle-omounted machine guns, Consequently, punners Improvise seats (aimmznition boxes# bar stools, aet.) for use during gunner operations and also use either inadenuiste restraint systems or no restraint system at all while standing In aircraft doorvays and sometimes on the aircraft skids. A number of gunner seat conceapt. and restraint
more » ... and restraint system designs were developed and evaluated against much factor. as v'eight, cost, human factors, operational constraints, ballistic protection, etc. Eased upon evaluation of these concepts, one design was selected and a seat was fabricated and Installed in an aircraft and subjected to a human factors roeciup evaluation using runners with various clothing and equipment. These evaluations permitted the formulation of a practical military specification for a crashworthy runner seat sys- *The Information herein will be used to design and fabricate a crash-1 14 1worthy, side-facing gunner seat and to evaluate the seat againnt the requirements of the draft military specification. Mr. 1Zarold,3lollaast*U4~.he-ar perations Technology Division served ai ý~iieet'iinpineer-r zis effort, 21;CLAIMEFIS The finding in It s re aw not to be construes me an official Depertment of the Army pouition unless so designated by 0th raur documaurits.
doi:10.21236/ada005563 fatcat:nnk35pik5je5xklgcf5bln7ivu