Production off0(1710),f0(1500), andf0(1370)inJ/ψhadronic decays

Frank E. Close, Qiang Zhao
2005 Physical Review D  
A coherent study of the production of $f_0^i$ ($i=1$, 2, 3 corresponding to $f_0(1710)$, $f_0(1500)$, and $f_0(1370)$) in $J/\psi\to V f_0 \to V PP$ is reported based on a previously proposed glueball and $Q\bar{Q}$ nonet mixing scheme, and a factorization for the decay of $J/\psi\to V f_0^i$, where $V$ denotes the isoscalar vector mesons $\phi$ and $\omega$, and $P$ denotes pseudoscalar mesons. The results show that the $J/\psi$ decays are very sensitive to the structure of those scalar
more » ... those scalar mesons, and suggest a glueball in the $1.5-1.7$ GeV region, in line with Lattice QCD. The presence of significant glueball mixings in the scalar wavefunctions produces peculiar patterns in the branching ratios for $J/\psi\to V f_0^i\to VPP$, which are in good agreement with the recently published experimental data from the BES collaboration.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.71.094022 fatcat:fadpmmhtl5c7he4bazorkxbf2a