Lighting on PET Scan-Not Always Cancer

Valentin Zumstein
2015 Journal of Gastrointestinal & Digestive System  
A PET scan showing a hypermetabolic focus in the gastric antrum is suspicious of gastric cancer. Nevertheless other reasons should be kept in mind in the differential of gastric tumors as for example gastric mucosal prolapse polyps. Presentation of case: A 84-year-old woman had been scoped at a referring hospital due to lower gastrointestinal bleeding. The external gastroscopy revealed an indistinct tumor in the area of the gastric antrum. An obtained PET scan showed a hypermetabolic focus in
more » ... etabolic focus in the antrum. At our hospital we repeated gastroscopy, the antral mass had no malignant aspect but looked like thickened mucosal fold partially prolapsing in the duodenal bulb, the biopsies ruled out cancer and showed polypous foveolar hyperplasia consistent to an antral mucosal prolapse polyp. The patient could be discharged on PPI therapy.
doi:10.4172/2161-069x.1000250 fatcat:7mdqd7x76fayrf2c56lfbhefau