University of Pristina; Research Fields: Sociology and Kinesiology. 3 Assistant, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education

Dragan Popovic, Evagelia Boli, Milos Popovic, Vladimir Savic, Jasna Popovic, Milica Bojovic
2016 unpublished
The research was conducted in order to determine the specificity of conative dimensions of judo and karate athletes as well as their differences. To determine the specificity of the structure of the tested anthropological dimensions, the researchers tested 200 judo and karate athletes, members of judo and karate clubs in Serbia (about 100 judokas and about 100 karatekas), aged 18 to 27. For the assessment of conative characteristics, the researchers chose the measuring instrument CON6 to assess
more » ... the following conative regulators: activity regulator, regulator of organic functions, regulator of defense reactions, regulator of attack reactions, system for coordination of regulatory functions, and the system for integration of regulatory functions. All the data in this study were processed at the Multidisciplinary Research Center, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Pristina through the system of data processing software programs DRSOFT developed by [ 19, 28, 17 ]. The algorithms and programs realized in this study are fully presented, and the results of the programs are analyzed.