Coarse and Fine Granularity Graph Reasoning for Interpretable Multi-hop Question Answering

Min Zhang, Feng Li, Yang Wang, Zequn Zhang, Yanhai Zhou, Xiaoyu Li
2020 IEEE Access  
Interpretable multi-hop question answering requires step-by-step reasoning over multiple documents and finding scattered supporting facts to answer the question. Prior works have proposed the entity graph method to aggregate the entity information to improve the ability of reasoning. However, the entity graph loses some non-entity information that is also important to understand the semantics. Moreover, the entities distributed in the noisy sentences may mislead the reasoning process. In this
more » ... per, we propose the Coarse and Fine Granularity Graph Network (CFGGN), a novel interpretable model that combines both sentence information and entity information to answer the multi-hop questions. The CFGGN consists of a coarse-grain module to perform sentence-level reasoning and a fine-grain module to make entity-level reference. In sentence-level reasoning, the sentence graph is constructed to filter out the noisy sentences and capture the sentence features. In entity-level reference, a dynamic entity graph is used for the entity-level reasoning. We design a fusion module to integrate information of different granularity. To enhance the interpretability of the overall process, we calculate the reasoning score for each step and present the reasoning path from the multiple documents to the final answer. Evaluation on the HotpotQA dataset in the distractor setting shows that our method outperforms the published SOTA entity-based method in five out of six metrics.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2981134 fatcat:ixvp4axhsrfhreexfrihtuox2q