Inspection of Steam Boilers

1871 Scientific American  
Jcieutific MUNN & CO.. Editors and Proprietors. purer water than they could do formerly; and hence they I The average qualifications of men who claim to be able to can carry higher steam. With higher steam, the 'principle of perform the duties of engine and boiler tenders, is shown by expansion has become more economically available. Marine the fact that, out of 56 examined, 'only 4 were first class: 26 engines are for the most part, direct acting, using slide valves were second class, 22,
more » ... ond class, 22, tnird class, and 4, fourth class. Out of with which steam can not be cut off sCi as to expand in single 39 renewals, only 9 were first class. cylinders to the extent desired. To effect this expansion with· We are convinced that the inspection of boilers neede to out the use of an independent, the compound engine be supplemented by the thorough examination of boiler tend· is employed, and it may therefore be considered as a substi. ers, before we can expect the full value of any system of in· tute for independent cut·off single engines, designed to pro· spection to be fully demonstrated. With good sound boilers, duce the same result. and men thoroughly qualified in all respects to use them, we tr" The American News Co •• " Agents, 121 Nassau street. New York.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05061871-295a fatcat:soqekkaeljb43cv7jauthr7o3m